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Laureano Ruiz

Developer, Bioinformatician, Biologist. Designer from time to time.

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I studied Biology and Bioinformatics, ended up liking coding so much that right now I'm a Python Developer. I am schematic, perfectionist, and enjoy learning.


Master's Degree in Bioinformatics (University of Murcia 2020 - 2021)

Biology Degree (University of La Laguna 2015 - 2020, itinerancy at University of Valencia during 2018 - 2019)


Python Web Developer at SHUTTLE99 (July 2021 - Present)

300 hours of internship at Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias as part of the Entomology Unit

Design of icons, logos and web (2015 - Present)

Skill set

Python • Flask • HTML5 • CSS3 • Figma • Adobe Illustrator • UI/UX design • Office software

Bonus: Driving license (B)


Spanish as mother tongue

English at C1 level (CEFR)

Things I coded and designed

RFID Pollinators App

This was my end of Master's project, a web app made with Python (Flask + Pandas) that produces useful charts and statistics based on experiments with bumblebees and RFID antennas. 2021.


Valden Music web

Website I designed and coded for a group of improvised music. Made using pure CSS and JS. 2020.

Valden Music

CSSColors kata

CSSColors is a code kata inspired by It's written on HTML, CSS, and JS, with the help of MaterializeCSS. 2020.


AnagaRest1 Logo and Web

Logo and website for a theoretical forest restoration project, as part of one of my subjects during my Biology studies. 2018.


Things I designed

Siru Icon Pack

One of the most famous icon packs for Android, with 100K downloads and still thousands of active users. Crafted following Material Design's guidelines. 2015-2017.

Google Play

Fusion Camera Icon

Icon for an iOS Camera app. 2020

Propellerflugzeug Verlag Logos

Logos for an Editorial. 2021

Scroll Reverser Icon

Icon redesigned to fit macOS Big Sur's style; Scroll Reverser - Pilotmoon Software. 2021

2071 Album Art

Album Art for a rap single. 2021

Montijo Swimming Club Logo

Logo for a small swimming club at Montijo, Spain. 2018.

Full size

I-SONYEOL Dance Group Logo

Logo for a Kpop dance group in Tenerife. 2018.

Train Tickets Album art

Album cover inspired by Material Design iconography, for an experimental music album by Tony Peña. 2017.


Train Talks Album art

Another album cover inspired by Material Design iconography for Tony Peña. 2017.


S. Apps Logo

Logo for Clemens Schartmüller, an Android developer. 2015.

Boeffla Kernel Icon

Icon for the aplication that manages one of the most famous custom kernels for Android, Boeffla Kernel. 2016.

Boeffla's web

Old logo for myself

Just a classic logo I made when I thought it was mandatory to have one. L-jan as a pseudonym comes from jokes with my design partner Javi Toro. 2016.

Genetics Meeting 11 Poster

Poster choosen as a winner to advertise the Genetics Meeting 2018 in Universidad de La Laguna. Designed along with my partner Mauro. 2018.

Double Tap To Sleep Icon

Adaptive icon for an invisible widget that allows to put your Android device to sleep taping two times at it. 2018.

Play Store

ESCoP 2019 Logo

Logo designed along Enrique Meseguer for the 21st conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology. 2019.

ESCoP 2019